Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom PC

Yes! We is optimized for RAW, PNG and also JPEG format. You can use the presets that optimized for JPEG, and If you shoot RAW you can use the presets that optimized for RAW. It fully support both format JPEG & RAW

Probably the easiest way to explain Lightroom Presets is that they are preset editing settings. When you’re using Lightroom to edit your photographs, you move controls–called sliders–to change settings like color saturation, brightness, and contrast. If you get a particular combination of settings to your liking, you can then save that combination of settings as a preset–it’s pre-set, get it?

When you apply the preset to your photos, it will automatically adjust all of the settings that you had saved. You can create and save your own presets in Lightroom, or you can purchase groups of presets to achieve particular looks for your photos, like a Wedding Preset Collection that has settings designed to create images with a romantic mood.

  • They can help you speed up batch editing: If you’ve got several similar photographs, such as a group of images you took on a sunny day at the beach, then you can apply the same preset for that type of photograph. It’s not going to make every single image perfect, but it will reduce the number of edits you have to do for each.
  • They allow you to create a consistent theme: Again, if you’ve got a batch of photos that all come from the same–or a similar–location, then by applying a preset, there will be the same tonal theme and style that resonates through all of the images. Sure, you will have to customize some images as needed, but the same general theme will be present that will tie them all together–even if that means they all have a similar saturation or shade of red, the theme will be consistent.
  • They allow you to create a consistent theme: If you’ve ever spent hours editing images, this benefit will catch your interest. Presets save you so much time by doing most of the work for you. There will be many images that won’t even need further editing, and the ones that do–well, they’ll take a lot less work.
  • Presets allow you to customize the styles of the images: Since you can edit the image once the preset is applied, you can customize the style of particular images. You’re likely to have more than one shot of at least some of the images, particularly if you’re shooting in burst mode. Each of the images taken will look slightly different after the preset is applied, You might want to customize one of the images or even a part of an image, and Lightroom lets you do just that by using a brush tool.
  • You can experiment with different looks for the same images: While consistency is great, so is variety. You’ll find presets for different times of day, alternative lighting, and even different kinds of scenery. For example, you can find or create presets for sunset or sunrise, sunny days at the beach, or low light forest environments. That gives you a variety of looks that you can apply to any image, and changing the preset will completely change the mood of the image.
  • Affordable: Lastly, Lightroom presets are affordable, and considering how much time they will save you, and how much easier they will make the editing process, they are well worth the money. And, you can create your own Lightroom presets too!
There are two versions of Lightroom editing software - one for desktop and one for mobile. The mobile version is what we use and aim for - it's a powerful utility that gives you a lot of control and you can either download it (with a free plan) or pay for it. Premium package to be able to use it. The mobile presets are fully functional with the desktop app. That's why you don't need to worry about using them across multiple devices.

For each pre-order package, you will get a ZIP file of all preset packages in .xmp (or .dng) format suitable for all versions of Lightroom and a sample image file before and after editing. repair (for paid plans). We also send step-by-step PDF instructions to show you how to import and use presets for both desktop and mobile.

An email will be sent to you after purchasing with a link to download the files. They will be in a zip file including a folder for the desktop presets, mobile presets and tutorial PDF on how to install them. You can unzip the files either on your computer or phone:

  1. Files are typically in a Downloads folder on your hard drive. Once you have located the folder, you will need to unzip it.
  2. Unzipping files on a PC sometimes requires you to right click on the folder and choose "Extract All" from the menu.
  3. Unzipping files on a Mac requires that you double-click the file. Mac's unzipping utility does the rest!
  1. Click the file link you received in the email. Upon downloading, click the zipped file for it to open. You can also use apps like iZip to unzip the file on your phone.
  2. You can also unzip the files on a desktop as seen above and either email the .DNG files to yourself or if you have a free DropBox account you can drag and drop them in into your files and wait for it to sync onto your phone.

Not at all, these presets can be used by anyone whether you are using your smart phone or professional-grade camera. We know that a lot of photos are captured in the moment, so we created these presets to work on a large range of different images and types. That’s also why we have made them available for both mobile and desktop. So it’s up to you if you prefer to edit more on-the-go with your mobile device or at a computer with the desktop presets. That being said, you’ll always have the most control over the image with a desktop computer and shooting with the largest possible file size format.

There are many factors that will determine your end result, and some might be out of your control. For example, the ocean/sea can have a totally different color depending on where you are – in some places it looks more turquoise, in others it will be basically green.

The sky can change colors based on the time of day you shoot, skin tones and hair colors can vary a lot, and everything can look completely different if you shoot in direct sunlight, in the shade, or indoors. Your camera, lens, and settings can affect things as well. But if you learn how to make a few basic adjustments, you can make these work for you using any camera.

RAW and JPEG are two different file formats in which you can shoot pictures. Most professional cameras have the option to shoot in either one and you can set that in-camera. RAW files are basically an uncompressed image of all the light and color information your camera sensor captured a the time of shooting, which you can later edit in Lightroom to get the most of your shot. JPEG is processed and compressed at the time of shooting in-camera, which loses a lot of the information in favor of a smaller file size. You can convert a RAW picture into JPEG later but you can’t convert a JPEG to RAW.

We recommend you shoot and edit in RAW to get the most out of our presets but if you prefer to edit in JPEG, that’s still fine, you just don’t have quite as much detail as a RAW file would.

Yes Of Course, These are Digital Goods, there’s no guarantee if you send back to us, while you have copied another one to your hard drive. If you are unhappy with the results you are getting, shoot as an email at [email protected]and we’re happy to help you in using our presets.

It is recommended for you to use this presets from high resolution photos from your DSLR, Prosumer And Pocket camera , We not recommended using these presets to low resolution image.

Every Photo we take has it’s own unique value of exposure, white balance, color mode, etc,, We cannot guarantee every photos has the same effect since every photo has many different factor, but the Free Preset surely brings a unique color of tone, if your photos get too bright or dark you may simply adjust the exposure value, also the same if your photos get too sharp, too smooth or too vignette you can simply adjust the value manually.

Free Presets brings colors and mood, enhanced your photos, contain sharpness, brightness and contrast, some presets also has a vignette effect and smooth effect.

Every single photo we take has its own unique value of exposure, and every presets has a different value of exposure, These presets designed from normal value of exposure. We really recommend you to adjust the exposure value followed by your sense to balancing into the perfect value of exposure. You can learn more here

If you are using adobe Lightroom 3 and you applied RAW presets to JPEG format it surely your photos gets to bright, and so if you applied JPEG presets to RAW format your photo will get to dark. Use RAW presets to RAW format and JPEG presets to JPEG format.

But If you use Lightroom 4-5, The Presets is compatible for both RAW and JPEG format.

Contact Us Immediately, soon we will send the presets to your email manually

On “Product Page” you can click “BUY NOW” and follow the payment process through Paypal and then right after the payment, simply check your mail on inbox (or spam box) the Presets ready to donwload